The business blockchain- Dragonchain

Everything You Need To Know About Dragonchain

This is a platform that offers Blockchain as a service for developers and different businesses. This makes available the platform needed to make the decentralized application on blockchain in minutes. This comes with the functionality provided by blockchain and its various use cases.

This platform is an open-sourced platform strategically developed by talented developers to focus on enterprise uses. It combines public or private blockchain platform for high performance and the different uses with ease.

With Dragonchain, you can create your own custom blockchain on your own rules.

The Origin Of Dragonchain

The Dragonchain was a project which was being developed in conjunction with the Walt Disney establishment. This was as far back as 2014. It, however, became an open-sourced platform in 2016 with its repositioned focus on its services on enterprise uses.

At Dragonchain, a serverless ecosystem is being provided to allow businesses to start utilizing decentralized blockchain applications in a more secure and private environment.

The development stack used for Dragonchain includes Java, C++, and Python. This presents businesses the opportunity to build their own customized smart contracts using the common programming tools on the Dragonchain ecosystem.

Features Of Dragonchain

Dragonchain offers a handful of very useful features to businesses and enterprise users. They are one of the most used blockchain-based solution providers, and they are highly innovative about their development.

Some of the major features associated with Dragonchain include:

  • Easy integration

These platforms make the integration of application for businesses easy on the blockchain. This provides the easy integration of these business applications on the blockchain in little or no time.

  • Dragonchain Incubator

The incubator recently launched by Dragonchain is set up to help its partners to develop their own tokenized system. This is projected to create a long term value increase across the multiple industries.

This incubator offers unique programs like service for blockchain startups, community outreach, financial resources, faster product launch, etc.

  • Dragonchain marketplace

This contains all the featured services being offered on Dragonchain platform. Some of these include platinum PR package, Currency smart contract, interchain services, and so on.

On the Dragonchain marketplace, you can also become a dragon chain partner in.

  • Data protection and operation

The Dragonchain platform properly develops enterprise-based services to protect user data and operations.

The data stored on the decentralized blockchain is secured from any type of cyber breach.

  • Dragonchain currency agnosticism

Intentionally, Dragonchain is currency agnostic. The setup is developed with the ability to create a blockchain without the use of currency.

It is also developed to create a blockchain with more than one currency in use. There are amazing currency features that have been tested and utilized on the Dragonchain platform.

  • Serverless deployment

The Ddragonchain platform is specially created to provide a serverless blockchain platform. This is popularly used for business and enterprise use.

The hybrid version of the Dragonchain platform allows this serverless deployment. This is due to the smart contract, which is executed in the known traditional model. It is also carried out on a well-trusted node.

How Dragonchain Works

So, how does the Dragonchain work?

  • As a platform

Dragonchain is one of the digital assets that is being discussed due to its enormous enterprise applications.

Its coin is also a decentralized one. Hence, it doesn’t have a server which is established in well-known programming languages. It also has its own inbuilt data and security protocols for the security of information.

  • Security protocol

The security protocol is specially designed to help protect against any form of cyber breaches that may occur on the data and information on the platform.

The protocol also makes the ecosystem a useful one for the developers to deploy their decentralized application with ease and in less time.

  • Incubator and marketplace

The incubator is the developmental center from which blockchain projects are being developed.

This is in accordance with the laid down rules from Dragonchain standards. However, the marketplace is the support team needed for the client companies. This aspect of the ecosystem allows services to be rendered to interested companies.

How Institutions Benefit From Dragonchain

Different institutions and businesses have benefited from the services provided by the Dragonchain platform. 

Here are some of the benefits institutions benefit from the Ddragonchain platform

  • High Security

The security of the data and information on the Dragonchain platform is one of the top service being offered by the Dragonchain platform. It is one of the most important aspects of their services.

They boast of five different layers of security; this gives businesses rest from any sort of cyber breaches.

From fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups, these companies are assured of a safe and secured service for their data from Dragonchain.

  • Compatibility

The Dragonchain developers understood the stress usually caused using another incompatible programming language.

As a means to ease the troubles and make the platform more compatible, common programming languages were used. This is to ensure compatibility and scalability. This is also all thanks to the usefulness of Amazons AWS and the google service deployments.

  • Ease Of Use

The Dragonchain platform is easy to use. It is easier to implement the Dragonchain and blockchain platform into your business. It increases your level of security and the efficiency of any project you are working on.

Dragonchain Upcoming Rebranding

The Dragonchain platform announcement for rebranding sent a powerful message that it is here to serve and persist in service.

The CEO of Dragonchain, Joe Roets, was the one who worked on the rebranded logo, which in itself is a powerful message of what to expect from the new Dragonchain platform.

The Dragonchain platform has become one of the key players when it comes to the protection of data and information of the partner business. Like the logo of this enterprise company, the dragon shows how secured minded they are about the security of data.

The CEO was excited about unveiling the logo protecting the treasure it wielded vigilantly.


Dragonchain services on the blockchain and cryptocurrency world cannot be overlooked. It aims to take the blockchain technology used to a whole new level. It is poised to make it even better for developers and businesses, in general, all over the globe.

The tokens from the blockchain are also good investment opportunities when considering the usefulness of the Dragonchain platform itself. 

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