Top 5 Cryptocurrency investments for August 2019

1) Ren- .130291

REN is a utility token that provides security to the network. Has had a steady increase in volume despite market wide dips.

2) Chainlink- $2.41

The hero of 2019 saw a 10x gain from a mere 28 cents to well over $4. Headlines include being tabbed as Google’s oracle block provider and making its way towards Coinbase Pro listing  

3) Cosmos- $3.89

The true Ethereum killer. Aims to fix the 3 main issues with blockchain, Scalability, Usability and Interoperability.

4) Beam- $1.02

MimbleWimble is the next evolution of cryptocurrency privacy which mask address information on the blockchain to keep transactions private. Beam is the company version of Grin which is developer based.

5) Dragonchain- $.096113

The business blockchain which gives incoming companies a turn-key product similar to the ones they use, such as JavaScript, C++ and Python. With this, companies are able to develop their own smart contracts. Dragonchain also offers an academy(DragonACA) which helps you familiarize with their setup



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