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Guide to Unibright (UBT) Blockchain Solutions for Business Review

During the cryptocurrency ICO rush of 2017-2018, Unibright, a blockchain integration platform
for businesses, surfaced with a revolutionary concept.
Blockchains offer a slew of benefits to businesses that integrate them, such as transparency,
data immutability, cost efficiency, and smart contracts to control and automate processes.
The problem? Blockchain integrations are notoriously tough for businesses operating under
traditional frameworks. Developing the right code to begin moving backend IT processes to a
blockchain requires finding a specialized (and expensive) dev team, and smart contracts
developed on one platform can't always be executed on another.
Unibright is building software that solves these problems and more. Tellingly, the team at
Unibright has a long history in the software space, and the company itself is going on thirty
years old.
Let's take a more in-depth look at Unibright (UBT), what the project offers, and where it is
headed in both the near and distant future.

Unibright(UBT) Overview

If you've worked on the management side of business before, then you're probably familiar with
the acronym ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.
In a nutshell, ERP software helps businesses organize, track, and communicate company data
related to everything from sales, inventory, production, and much more. As you might have
already guessed, ERP software has become a requisite of successful businesses everywhere,
and as such, are a non-negotiable item when it comes to managing business operations.
The thing is, blockchains offer new tools for ERP systems as a whole, with the most powerful
and exciting of those tools being smart contracts. This is where things get even more interesting
— different blockchains have their own strengths and weaknesses, so a business who wants to
integrate blockchain functionality may want to pick and choose from different blockchain
offerings modularly.
If you go it alone as a business, you can choose to integrate one blockchain or another, but not
several. With Unibright's blockchain-integrating ERP templates, a business can execute smart contracts across blockchains, offering unrivaled cross-compatibility that opens up a whole
world of options to enterprises.
Unibright Use Cases Businesses can use Unibright ERP templates in myriad ways, but some chief use cases include:

● Unibright Visual Workflow Designer — Allows businesses to transpose their
operations and create new business functions onto the blockchain using a simple, visual UI that doesn't require blockchain coding knowledge.

●Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager — A powerful tool for creating and deployingsmart contracts across blockchains at the push of a button.

● Unibright Explorer — Blockchain data parser that represents smart-contract business
processes and other enterprise operation data in a refined dashboard view.

● Unibright Connector — Transposes existing IT solutions to blockchains using smart
contracts and a proprietary tool called 'Smart Adapters'.
Using these tools, businesses can seamlessly migrate their current operations to blockchains
while simultaneously increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Unibright Token(UBT) and Outlook

Unibright's native digital asset is UBT, and unlike other cryptocurrencies out there, it has one
simple function — to give UBT holders access to Unibright solutions.

The way it works is simple. If a business wants to use Unibright software, it must do so using
UBT tokens to pay the way. To get UBT tokens, one must buy them on the open market from
UBT holders.

Apart from having an elegant use case for UBT token, Unibright has a bright future ahead.
Freequity, a tokenization platform developed by Unibright to "...distribute and manage digital
currencies and tokenized assets" is on the ground and gaining steam.

The team is also busy onboarding new projects and businesses to the Unibright Framework as
it simultaneously works on setting blockchain standards that ease the nascent technology's
adoption by traditional organizations.

Unibright is working hard to bring businesses up to the speed of blockchain, making it a project
to continue watching.

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